Program For Upcoming YouTubers To Connect With Me. Maybe?

Published on October 1, 2023.

As I keep saying, I genuinely want to connect with up and coming creators. As such, I've considered making a program for up and coming Geometry Dash YouTubers to connect with me.

How it would work

This would be an application YouTubers can fill out, and if they get accepted, they will get invited to Moldy HQ, my private Discord server for video production, as a spectator.

As a spectator, they won't get access to sensitive channels, but will be able to communicate with myself and other Moldy HQ members. They can invite me to their videos, and if I deem them worthy, I could invite them to my videos.

The goal would be to help new YouTubers out by allowing them to collab with bigger YouTubers such as myself. Moldy HQ also contains other big YouTubers who they might be able to collab with.

Who would get accepted

To get accepted, you would have to be a Geometry Dash YouTuber consistently uploading high quality videos. It doesn't matter how many views they get or how many subscribers you have. So long as its quality and consistent, you will be accepted.

I am still not sure if I'm down to do this but I plan to give it a try once 2.2 is released. That should hopefully be this month but I am starting to lose hope.

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