How To Invite Me To Your Video

Published on September 14, 2023.

I genuinely want to connect with up and coming Geometry Dash YouTubers of any size! As such, I allow collab invitations from anyone, no matter their size. If you're a Geometry Dash YouTuber who wants to invite me to your video, continue reading!

Note that I no longer accept level collab invites from people I don't know very well, so please, do not send them to me! This guide is only for video invites only.


This guide is mostly for smaller, up and coming creators. If you're already an established YouTuber, chances are I probably already know who you are and you can just get in touch with me whichever way works best.

For the rest of you, please do not invite me to your video unless you have already have a history of making and finishing videos! Make sure your channel already has good videos uploaded before inviting me to one. I won't join your first video.

I don't care how many subscribers or views you have. But you need to have some good videos uploaded already so I know you're legit.

How To Invite Me

If you want to invite me to your video, send me a message via any of my active social media and make sure to include the following information:

  • The kind of content you make
  • Your idea (for the video you want to invite me to)
  • Your channel link

Please don't just say "hi" and wait for a response! Send your proposition as your first message to me, otherwise I won't respond.

Here's a good template:

Hey! I'm a GD YouTuber that does [CONTENT TYPE]. I have an idea for a video where [YOUR IDEA]. I'd love to know if you're interested. Here is my channel link: [YOUR CHANNEL LINK]

Please don't copy this template word for word! I don't want to see the same thing sent to me over and over again.

For more information on how to contact me, read this contact guide.

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