I Confess. I Made One More 2.1 Video.

Published on November 8, 2023.

While I originally said I would not release another video until Geometry Dash 2.2, with the update being delayed (seriously?) I went ahead and made one more video in 2.1.

Now that we know RobTop cannot be trusted, I will say right now that if 2.2 gets delayed until December, I will make another 2.1 video. And I will make another one if it gets delayed until January. And so on.

But I will admit, it sucks not knowing when 2.2 will release. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it got delayed until a decent way into 2024.

I'm currently in this weird state of limbo where I want to do things in the game but can't because I know it will all be nullified once 2.2 releases. But if I knew 2.2 would be delayed by this much, I probably would have made another level or spent more time on my last level.

At least I have more time to play all Moldy Challenges and finish Monsterstream.

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