My Final 2.1 Level Is Out

Published on October 22, 2023.

I recently released my final 2.1 level, Tropical Temple. After over 6 years of 2.1, this is where my level creation journey for this update finally ends.

2.1 is the update I really evolved as a creator. I got my first featured level and went through a whole bunch of different styles as a creator. I started rather generic but am ending being a lot more original.

However, I still feel like I'm not ending this update as well as I should. My final 2.0 level was my best level ever at the time. I ended 2.0 peaking as a creator, but I don't feel like I'll be doing that with 2.1.

Tropical Temple is by no means a bad level, but I don't think its the best I could have done.

For starters, I am not even sure if it is my best level. My levels like Race Round The World, Azure Skies, and Mystical Forest are around the same quality, but Tropical Temple feels a little less polished to me.

To me, Tropical Temple far exceeds these levels in some aspects, most notably originality, but fails in other aspects, most notably shading. I feel I could've done a lot more with the glow usage in Tropical Temple to really add to its atmosphere.

But even if we choose to consider Tropical Temple as my best level yet, I feel it is far from what I am capable as a creator.

I chose not to be ambitious with my last 2.1 level as I wasn't exactly sure how much time I'd have to make it. For all I knew, 2.2 could have released on October 1st.

However, I still feel I could have done a lot better even with this timeframe. I would've loved to make better gameplay and add more shading. But I didn't.

Because of that, I am disapointed that my last 2.1 level won't be my best work. To me, this feels like wasted potential. I feel like I could have accomplished so much more in this update, but I didn't because I chose not to make Tropical Temple as great as I now would've wanted.

But either way, I am still proud of Tropical Temple. Even if its not my best gameplay or decoration wise, it is by far my best in regards to theming and originality.

Its by no means a bad level to leave the update on, but if I could go back, I would've made it better.

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