Published on June 17, 2024.

I am going to VidCon Anaheim this year!

VidCon Anaheim is a yearly convention for digital media creators and fans to convene in real life over June 26-29. Considering I'm a YouTuber, I decided to go. And I'm not going alone!

I will be going with fellow Geometry Dash YouTubers Tride, Sdslayer, and Vortrox. I've also heard that there are other Geometry Dash YouTubers who plan to show up!

If you're going to VidCon this year:

If you're going and you see us, feel free to say hi! We won't bite (probably).

Just don't be creepy. We don't like stalkers...

We plan on playing things by ear, but if you're going, there's a good chance you'll be able to spot us.

I plan on doing a face reveal on my YouTube channel prior to the convention, so you'll know what I look like by VidCon!

If you're not going to VidCon this year:

Don't worry, you can still follow us on our journey by following our social media! In particular, you should keep an eye on my following platforms:

I'm looking forward to VidCon and potentially meeting some of you!

You can learn more about VidCon with this link.

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