Reaction Policy

I will allow creators to react to my content so long as they abide by my video usage policy and the following:

  • They will provide original commentary. This can be giving their opinion on my content, pointing out things they found cool, or anything that adds extra value to the content. Pausing the video to do this is allowed.
  • For non-livestreams, they will cut out any of my content that they do not provide original commentary for. Livestream VODS are the only exception to this, but if they upload clips from the VOD, they will have to cut any of my content that they do not provide commentary for.
  • For livestreams, they will include more than just my content. Don't make an entire stream reacting to one of my videos, but instead, react to my video in a broader stream that includes other things.
  • They will credit the original source. For non-livestreams, they can leave links in the description and direct their viewers to that so others can find the original content. For livestreams, a verbal mention is enough so long as it includes how to find the original source in great detail, such as by providing the title and thumbnail of the original content.
  • They will let me know that they reacted to my content! I genuinely want to see people react to the videos I put loads of time and effort into. On YouTube, you can just tag me in the title or description (@MoldyGD). Anywhere else, you can send me a message or email.

I love seeing what people think of my content, hence why I will allow ethical reactions that abide by these guidelines.

If in doubt, just ask me for permission! I will likely say yes.

For Creators

  • Collaboration Requests
  • Podcast Invites

Please contact me via any of my social media.

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Please send an email. This is strictly for Business Inquiries only!