How I Made Multiplayer In Geometry Dash 2.2

Published on January 6, 2024.

With platformer mode, I knew wanted to recreate live multiplayer somehow. It would just fit the new mode so well. But doing so was challenging.

First things first, I will disprove some myths:

  • No mods were used at all. We did not have a live multiplayer mod nor a mod to change our icons in dual mode. Everything done is achievable in the vanilla game.

  • We did not use 2 player dual mode. For those that don't know, using dual mode while in a 2 player platformer level allows for pretty much the same thing we did in the video. The only two issues with this is that it requires us to physically be in the same room and we wouldn't be allowed to use our own icons. While applications could be used for me to stream my PC to Brad so we could use this multiplayer option without having to meet up, this is supposedly very laggy to the point where it's not worth doing.

Instead, we just did something much easier: we overlapped our footage.

We each played the levels individually, but our footage was overlapped in post.

For the parts where one person's actions impacted the other, we used a timer to sync those events.

With all that being said, we still played the levels at the same time, live on call. We had to figure out the challenges and puzzles together like it was multiplayer. In pretty much every account, this is multiplayer, it's just that we couldn't actually see eachother's icons until the final edit.

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